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how to wear BabyLegs

There are many uses for BabyLegs, a popular baby leg warmer. It is easy to put on, making a quick outfit change any time of the day.  Below are examples of how you and your baby can wear the BabyLegs.
protects knees from harsh surfaces
When babies start to crawl, their knees may become red from crawling on harsh surfaces. When babies start to walk, they can fall often on their knees and get scrapes. Put on the BabyLegs and their soft knees are instantly protected from carpet burns and scrapes.

baby with a babyleg tweedle

diaper changes become easy
BabyLegs provide extra warmth without having to put pants on. This makes diaper chagnes a breeze. There is no need to take off any clothes before diaper change.
Snorkle BabyLegsa diaper bag essential
Always have at least one BabyLegs in your diaper bag. You never know when you'll need one! If weather turns from warm to chilly all of a sudden, take out the BabyLegs to provide warmth quickly without having to change the entire outfit.
provides sun protection
The cotton fabric provides lightweight sun protection. No need to worry about sun burns.
BabyLegs - natural organic cottoneasy layer to take on and off
Instead of changing an entire outfit, use BabyLegs to cover those bare legs. They are easy to slip on and off. That's it.
easy potty training and elimination communication
Potty training is best when your baby's bottom is bare. Let your baby around the house with nothing but a shirt and a BabyLegs. Soon, your baby will be potty trained in no time.
can be used as arm warmers too
Do you need to extend the comfy short-sleeve T-shirts during winter? Wear BabyLegs on your arms to provide extra warmth. Kids love wearing BabyLegs on their arms to extend their clothing as well.
keep legs warm
Wear BabyLegs to provide extra warmth all year round. During winter, wear it underneath pants as extra layered clothing. During spring and fall, put the BabyLegs on when it gets chilly in the morning or chilly in the evening. No need to carry an extra outfit. During summer, BabyLegs are super cute with shorts or skirts.
protects against gapiosis
When baby is being carried in a baby carrier or riding in a stroller, the pants tend to rise up, exposing bare legs. BabyLegs are great for providing warmth and covering the exposed bare legs.
fun and funky accessory for any costume
With so many colors and styles, BabyLegs can be matched with any costume, especially on Halloween. Pumpkin is a great color to match with a pumpkin outfit!
leggings for dance classes
Jazz up any dance class with BabyLegs. It's a super cute and stylish way to accessorize your dance outfit.
BabyLegs Curryholds in socks
Baby socks can be often fall out. BabyLegs does a great job of holding the socks in place.
keeps scratching off bandages
Does your toddler keep taking off the bandages? Cover the area with a BabyLegs. They can't get to it anymore!
soothing for eczema and other skin conditions
Babies with eczema can sometimes scratch themselves to bleed. Cover their arms and legs with BabyLegs to prevent them from scratching their skin.
keeps feet free for dancing, walking or crawling
Sometimes, it's just better for babies to be crawling, walking or dancing on bare feet. Bare feet grasp the floor without slipping. Let them develop their natural crawl and walk on bare feet with BabyLegs!
offer convenience and comfort at the hospital
If your baby is hooked up in medical equipment or has certain restrictions, BabyLegs can be more convenient to put on than clothes. Got a cast on?  Instead of cutting off sleeves or pantlegs, put on BabyLegs!
extends pajama legs
Sometimes the pajama pants do not cover baby's entire legs throughout the night. Put on the BabyLegs at night to provide extra warmth and to cover any exposed bare legs while asleep.
make a fashion statement
BabyLegs comes in many colors and designs. Mix and match BabyLegs with any of your or your child's outfit. Wear it on your arms to extend t-shirts, or wear it on your child's legs to extend her clothes. BabyLegs are an afforadable and cool fashion accessory that will not go out of style.
how to wear BabyLegs

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